Another Condescending D&D Blog Post

 Ya know, I write some pretty cool shit.  I have spelling mistakes, sure. But fuck, man. I don't drink enough water and have Tiny Human who yells at me in the night so that's what's going to happen. Didn't write about D&D this month so my blog stats are way down.  This is what the world has come to. I write badass little short stories , like the ones you'd get in an old-school magazine. Zip. But talk about initiative orders and all of a sudden, the numbers are through the roof (this is a thing that happened, that D&D is terrible for beginners post rustled some feathers).  So, here it is.  D&D5E initiative is shit. Have you ever been in a fight?  Like a pub brawl or street fight? A real one?  They're scary.  Most of the time folks are drunk and/or on drugs and everything is elevated. Everything. A heightened state of agitation and anger fueled by survival instincts, brain chemical secretions, and sometimes even training makes for one fearsome rucus. 

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